Bright Penny & Nickel Coin Auction #2

Bright Penny & Nickel Coin Auction #2

Bright Coin Auction Liquidation

Bright Penny & Nickel Auction #2

Bidding Ends 1/23/24

This collection features thousands of coins from a long time collector. This collection will be liquidated over the course of a number of online only auctions. Keep an eye out at for a number of other coin auctions.

This auction features the following:

  • Shield Nickels
  • Flying Eagle Cents
  • Liberty Head Nickels
  • Indian Head Cents
  • Buffalo Nickels
  • Wheat Cents
  • Jefferson Nickels
  • Silver War Time Nickels & Steel Cents
  • MORE!

**Coin Grading Disclaimer: Coins in this auction may be marked on the holders by the previous owner(s). All grades are the opinion of the previous owner(s) and not guaranteed by Bid Y’all Auction & Realty, LLC. The auction company makes no claim to the accuracy or validity of such grading. Buyers must determine your own condition and worth by viewing the photos. All coins are available for inspection prior to auction closing.

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